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As your trusted software partner, we combine cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to drive digital transformation in the lending landscape, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

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Software Lynx Products

We offer a comprehensive line up of industry related software products. So whether you are looking for a way to capture leads at the top of the funnel or take a fully digital mortgage application, we got you covered!

Borrower Lynx

A customizable, web based, point-of-sale application for borrowers to complete a loan application, and guide them through the mortgage process.

Our Mortgage Point of Sale (POS) solution revolutionizes the mortgage application process, bringing efficiency and convenience to lenders and borrowers alike. With our system, borrowers can easily apply for a mortgage online, upload necessary documents, and track their application's progress in real-time. The streamlined processes and automation features eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors, ensuring accurate and consistent data for lenders. Our Mortgage POS system fosters seamless communication and collaboration between borrowers, loan officers, processors, and underwriters, enhancing the overall customer experience

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Mortgage Lynx

A Mortgage Loan Origination System.

Our Back Office Application for the POS is a powerful tool that complements our Mortgage Point of Sale (POS) solution, providing robust features and functionality to manage and streamline your mortgage operations behind the scenes. With our Back Office Application, lenders can efficiently process and underwrite mortgage applications, ensuring accurate and timely decision-making. The application automates key tasks such as document collection, verification, and compliance checks, minimizing manual effort and reducing errors. It offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, giving lenders valuable insights into application volumes, processing times, and other critical metrics for data-driven decision-making. Our Back Office Application integrates seamlessly with the Mortgage POS system, facilitating smooth collaboration and communication between different teams involved in the mortgage process. Experience enhanced efficiency, improved risk management, and streamlined operations with our Back Office Application, enabling you to deliver exceptional service and stay ahead in the competitive mortgage industry.

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Realty Lynx

Home Buying and Selling made Easy

Introducing Realty Lynx, an innovative software platform designed to simplify the home buying process for mortgage borrowers while generating valuable leads for mortgage professionals. With Realty Lynx, users can easily search for real estate listings based on specific criteria, such as location, price range, and amenities. Our advanced search filters and interactive map view provide a seamless browsing experience, allowing users to explore different neighborhoods and assess essential amenities. Additionally, Realty Lynx offers a lead generation system, connecting borrowers actively searching for real estate with loan officers and lenders. With features like a mortgage calculator, saved searches with notifications, property comparisons, user reviews, and a mobile app, Realty Lynx is the ultimate tool for finding the perfect home and connecting with the right professionals to make it a reality.

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Experience Lynx

A customizable Survey Plaform

Experience Lynx is a white-labeled customer experience platform specifically designed for the Mortgage Industry. This innovative solution enables mortgage companies to provide a seamless and branded experience for their customers throughout the loan process. With Experience Lynx, borrowers can easily access a user-friendly platform to provide feedback, rate loan officers, and share their experiences. The platform allows mortgage companies to customize the interface with their own branding elements, including logos and colors, to maintain a consistent and professional image. By leveraging Experience Lynx, mortgage companies can gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and showcase positive customer feedback. This white-labeled customer experience platform empowers mortgage companies to enhance transparency, build trust, and cultivate strong relationships with their borrowers, ultimately improving the overall customer experience in the Mortgage Industry.

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University Lynx

White-Labeled Learning Management Software

University Lynx is a white-labeled learning management product specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the Mortgage Industry. With U-Lynx, mortgage professionals gain access to a comprehensive e-learning platform that offers a personalized and seamless learning experience. This innovative solution allows mortgage companies to brand the platform as their own, incorporating their logo, colors, and design elements. U-Lynx provides a diverse range of interactive courses, training modules, and assessments, all designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of mortgage professionals. From mortgage loan origination and underwriting to compliance and industry regulations, U-Lynx covers all critical areas, ensuring that employees stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices. With its user-friendly interface, robust tracking and reporting features, and the ability to deliver both online and offline training, U-Lynx empowers mortgage companies to foster continuous learning and professional development within their organizations.

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